Original fixtures for a summer residence: TOP 7

Original fixtures for a summer residence: TOP 7

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Country lighting plays a serious role in landscape design. But the main problem is the high cost of decorative lamps and electrical appliances. Today we will give a chance to each of us to improve the lighting of the cottage and create a stunning illumination with our own hands, practically at no cost.

Lamps for giving from plastic, glass and forging are very expensive, especially when it comes to an exclusive option. But there is a solution to the problem - the creation of country lighting with your own hands, and even from improvised items, which will not only help to equip the site with high quality and light it, but also save a lot.

We examined a lot of interesting and original ideas, had a conversation with leading lighting technicians, and made the TOP 7 best offers from amateurs and professionals. So, this list is already in front of you!

Lamp made of skewers or slivers

For the manufacture of such a lamp you will need about 5-6 packs of standard wooden skewers, or thin slivers. The entire design of the lamp is that each small element is tied with an adjacent thread. This is necessary to create the form and fix the so-called ceiling.

Alternately, folding the skewers, we knit each and tighten one or two nodules, apply the next one to it and repeat the manipulation. Having folded one side of the lamp, sequentially, one skewer, we begin the assembly of the second side. To do this, take a skewer, fix it between two skewers of the finished side, and bandage them all with a thread, carefully braiding it. We continue the collection until the second side is ready.

Note that such a lamp can be not only rectangular, but also in the form of a triangle, or vice versa, increased to 5, 6 or more sides. This will complicate the work a little, but beauty always requires sacrifice.

To make the lamp even more decorative, use a colored thread for tying. To strengthen the structure, lubricate all ties with a thin layer of glue. To reduce the cost of the project, instead of skewers, you can use thin parts of old bamboo blinds or napkins that have become unusable.

After producing an interesting lampshade for the lamp, we install a light wire frame inside it and tie it to the lamp. You can do this without a frame, just a wire or a dense thread.

The lamp for giving from clothespins

To start the production of such a lamp is to create a frame for clothespins. It can be made of steel wire or thicker aluminum wire.

It is necessary to make 3 circles of different diameters from the selected material, and then fasten them into one common frame. In the upper part, you need to come up with a mount for the cartridge.

When the frame for creating the lamp is ready, you can proceed to its decorative design. As you can see from the photo below, it is quite simple. It is only necessary to use clothespins and different angles. Also, you can choose not only wooden, but also plastic clothespins, among which you can find almost any color.

Be careful, every detail of such a lighting device must be reliably protected from fire. To do this, you can use special wood processing, or simply install the lamp at a greater distance from the “lampshade" and choose a small power.

DIY lamp from bottles

LED street lamp

The installation and connection diagram of individual LEDs may seem to be a complicated and lengthy process for many summer residents. Therefore, we suggest using a standard LED strip. Choose quality and color yourself, and we will tell about design features right now.

LED strip can be placed on almost any base, but we chose a plastic pipe for the production of a country lamp. This is an inexpensive and easy-to-use material, cut, bend to the desired shape or install which in the right place will be simple.

The tape is wound on a pipe, in the direction from one edge to another. It would be more correct to start from the edge opposite from the installation. The tape can be fixed on special clamps, glue or self-tapping screws, if such fastening is provided.

After, the lighting tube is installed on the wall, a tree branch, the ridge of the house or even under the roof of the gazebo in the country, and the tape is connected to the network.

Due to the low cost, you get a unique kind of country lamp. Of course, it will not give much light, like a standard lighting lamp, but with its help you can easily create a pleasant and quiet, and possibly even romantic atmosphere.

DIY lighting

The most simple type of lighting was offered to us by our regular reader, who described the process of its production.

Immediately present the image so that it is easier for you to decide on the shapes, sizes, production technology.

To create a lamp, we need jars from jam in different sizes, various glass containers with handles, for which we will mount.

When you find the right number of cans and other containers, you need to make the main body of the lighting device. We assemble it on the basis of a wooden beam, equip it with hooks for hanging cans, and chains, on which the main installation takes place.

Now it remains only to hang the original country lamp in the gazebo or under the canopy, in the garden, on a tree branch, or near the house, but at a low height, since all lighting will occur with the help of candles, which will need to be periodically changed. Agree, great offer!

Country lighting from cans

Favorable and cozy atmosphere in the evening at the cottage can be created with the help of dim and diffused lighting. The desired result can be achieved using simple tin cans with holes, inside which ordinary candles are installed.

You can create a picture on the banks - holes through which light gently passes, you can do it yourself, using a nail or a self-tapping screw. But it will be much more convenient and accurate to work with a drill. Having installed the drill of the required diameter, put a round log of small size into the jar, in which it will be possible to rest the drill, and drill holes according to the preliminary drawing outside the can.

You can hang such lamps anywhere, and put candles inside and light them in the evening. Just an hour or two for hand-made, and your gazebo or place to relax illuminated by an original device designed and created by your own hands.

Fairy-tale lighting of the territory of a summer residence

This is really fabulous lighting, because it is based on natural materials to create the basics of the lamp, and can also be placed in the garden, on the lawn, along paths and so on.

Such lanterns can be electric or run on kerosene, but electric ones are more functional and practical, since you do not have to turn on and off the lighting in one device.

To create exclusive lanterns, you will need to prepare logs with holes. It can be fresh stumps, cuts of trees that you need to decorate in any way.

Inside the hole, which can easily be made with a chainsaw, a decorative lamp is installed. If the lighting is powered from the network, you will need to make high-quality wiring and connection.

You can create not even soft, but bright and directional lighting. To do this, you need to install more powerful lamps in the lanterns, as well as equip them with reflectors pointing in the right direction.

Garland and Plastic Lighting

And again plastic bottles come into play ... remember greenhouses from plastic bottles, ballot boxes and various decor items for a summer residence? Isn't it very interesting to work with this material?

But today we suggest using plastic not only from bottles, but also from cups. Choose different colors, cut into thin strips and create small conical plafonds. They are conveniently placed on any garland, which will now work not only a couple of weeks a year, on New Year's holidays, but even in the summer in the garden, creating nice highlights and beautiful lights in the garden or gazebo.

When arranging lighting in the garden, do not forget about safety measures:

  • It is worth remembering the quality wiring, insulation and safety precautions during the installation of electric lamps in the country;
  • For the production of fixtures, it is worth choosing fireproof materials, or making lighting of low power so that the temperature of the lamps could not heat up and set fire to the product;
  • When working with kerosene lamps periodically monitor the fuel level, as well as extinguish the lights at night;
  • Use high-quality fixtures for mounting fixtures so that they do not fall and cause inconvenience.

How to make a lamp yourself

Original lamps for a summer residence - these are not only those options that we indicated in the article. This is a huge number of interesting works that we have to learn about in the future. Interestingly, each of our readers has the opportunity to share their ideas with like-minded people, especially if they are already implemented in the country.

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