DIY wooden pallets

For productive work in the country, we often need auxiliary elements and accessories. These are coasters, boxes, baskets and everything else that you may need at any moment. Today we decided to pay attention to wooden pallets that can help in a variety of situations.

Wooden pallets in the country found everywhere, although we never think about them. These are pallets for installing boxes in the vegetable store, pallets for the lumberjack and rabbitry, for drying or storing herbs, fruits, berries. But today we will talk about the production of a shower tray. This is the simplest design that you can create with your own hands, and the time for everything will take only 30-40 minutes. Just yesterday, we made a practical wooden pallet using a beam and a board, and installed it in a country shower, thereby updating the surface of the floor under our feet. Let’s take a look at the process in photos and sequential comments!

Material for wooden pallet

We start with the choice of material for an inexpensive wooden pallet for a summer shower in the country. We decided that it should be durable and strong wood, but at the same time, inexpensive, affordable for each of us, and therefore chose a pine. Unfortunately, we got timber and boards that were not completely dried, and therefore we had to work with heavy and slightly sticky material. But we do not consider this a problem, because in the spring warm time, in the sun and light breeze, our pallet will dry out quickly enough.

So, to work on the manufacture of the pallet, we have a pine edged board and a pine beam. Board - 10x2.5 cm, timber - 5x5 cm.

Pallet tool

It makes no sense to paint a long necessary tool, because we need nothing at all - a hacksaw and a screwdriver.

But do not forget about the attendant ones - roulette, pencil, gloves, self-tapping screws, as well as means of further processing of wood.

Workplace preparation

A simple country bench served as an excellent emphasis for marking and cutting material, but it would be much more convenient to work on a workbench, the production of which we spoke not so long ago. Also, everything necessary for work was stacked nearby, which allowed us not to waste time looking for either a pencil or a self-tapping screw, and also helped to save time.

It is very important that everything necessary in the work is at hand, then not only a wooden pallet will be made quickly, but also any other accessory for work or rest in the country!

How best to use wooden pallets in the country

Work with dimensions and layout

Since the floor in the country shower was not in the best condition, it was decided to put together a pallet a little smaller. This will make it possible to lay the pallet strictly on the surface, most evenly, without any defects and problems in future use.

As you can see in the photo, the floor in the summer shower is not in the best condition, and therefore we promise to tell and show in the near future how to make a quality screed to repair such defects.

The size of the shower at the dacha is 130x110 cm, respectively, taking into account the above, the pallet in our boot is a bit of a different size - 100x90 cm.

After determining the most convenient size, simple marking with a tape measure and pencil, as well as cutting material.

In order for the pallet to be stable and durable, with good bearing capacity, we decided to install the base beams at a distance of 10 cm from each edge. Thus, the middle part of the board between the beams is 60 cm. This is quite enough so that even a person weighing 100-120 kg does not bend the pallet in the center (tested experimentally).

Assembly of pallets

DIY wooden pallet assembly

Having laid the beam on a flat surface, setting the exact distance between the slats, we proceed to the assembly. Here, the simplest process is implied - neatly laying the board on a bar, and fixing it on the screws.

A screwdriver helps in work very well, but sometimes it does not turn a self-tapping screw into the wood completely, because the tree is wet and tarry. In this case, you can squeeze the screws with a screwdriver and the force of your own hands.

Consistently, plank by plank, a wooden shower tray is gaining its final shape and takes the form of a finished structure, rather than a set of parts.

For the convenience of working with determining the size of the openings between the boards, we use the "grandfather" method - we simply attach the board to the fixed element, and without removing it, we press and fix the next one. This makes it possible to save time and get an equal distance between the boards.

Production of wooden pallets

Literally 20 minutes after marking and cutting, and the wooden pallet in the country shower is completely ready.

As you can see, it takes its place on the shower floor and fits well in the dimensions previously taken. Of course, decorative decoration of the pallet is still necessary, but it will be produced when the wood dries a little. On this occasion, we ask you to unsubscribe in the comments to the article, which decoration would you prefer and why. We recommend that you learn how to use pallets in a summer cottage.