Practical greenhouse for do-it-yourself seedlings

If growing seedlings at home is not possible, but the climate of your region allows you to do this right on the cottage, we suggest building a greenhouse for seedlings. With its help it will be possible to drive out seedlings in the shortest possible time.

The greenhouse is a simple construction. Most often, this is an ordinary arc, wooden or even wire frame covered with a film, but there are also more practical solutions.

Before deciding to grow seedlings in a greenhouse, make sure that the climate has it. For example, in the middle lane, it will not be possible to grow blue and pepper shoots in the greenhouses, since the night low temperature will not allow this, but it is quite possible that you can raise seedlings of cabbage, radish, and tomatoes.

When to build a greenhouse

It is very important that the night temperature be kept at a level not lower than + 7 + 8 ° С, and the day temperature, at the same time, should reach + 12 + 15 ° С. This is often the middle of spring.

If it is difficult to guess with the deadlines, there will not be any special problems, just seedlings will germinate a little later, say, not after 2-2.5 weeks, but after 3-4. But, as it happened, seedlings manage to get stronger by the end of April or the beginning of May. Only one thing is important here - to use a high-quality substrate, prepared seeds, and also follow the rules of cultivation!

Choose a place for a greenhouse in the country

It is advisable to determine in the cottage an even and quiet place under the greenhouse. It can even be a playground in the garden, as long as seedlings are being distilled, there are no leaves on the trees, and the shadow will not interfere with the development of crops.

Try to ensure that the structure is conveniently located, optimize its location as much as possible, for example, near a barn, a tap with water, and so on.

Construction Parameters

Before the start of construction, you can draw up a work plan or just a diagram in which to paint the optimal dimensions for length and width, choose a height and choose the material.

Let's say right away that the size of a greenhouse with a width of 1 m and a length of 2-3 meters can be considered standard. The height of such a structure is approximately 50-70 cm.

This is the most comfortable size, not only for work on the site, but also for construction. Here, the minimum costs for the material, the load on the frame, the convenience of tightening with polyethylene and so on are calculated.

The simplest greenhouse made of polyethylene with your own hands

Immediately we want to tell how to build a simple and cheap greenhouse for growing seedlings. Today we need to take care of a healthy planting material, and not about the beauty of the site or structures, and therefore we do everything correctly and save as much as possible (anyway, after growing seedlings we remove the structure from the site).

So, in order not to splurge, we propose building from improvised materials, it will only be necessary to buy film.

Arc for the frame

You can use arcs from last year, take extra ones from a neighbor, and buy cheap and used ones. But if this is not possible, do the arcs yourself. It can be metal-plastic pipes that remained after the repair, fittings, metal profile, thin pipe, thick steel wire, medium diameter tree branches of elastic species. At least even a wooden beam can be used, but then we will get not arcs, but a rectangular frame.

Having determined the place and made markup according to the parameters that we proposed earlier (or according to your own), set arcs or other elements of the frame around the perimeter. The maximum step between the arcs is 1 m, so as not to violate the stability and bearing capacity after covering with a film.

Greenhouse device

When the arcs are installed, you can stack a low frame made of wood or bricks under them, constructing, so to speak, a high bed. This is necessary in order to lay a quality seedling substrate under planting, in which the seeds not only give maximum germination, but also quickly turn into strong seedlings.

You can also bandage the frame (arcs or wooden beams) with the device of the lower part to increase stability. Using a dozen clamps or a coil of knitting wire, you will make sure that the arc with the film certainly will not fly away in the wind.

Film coating

We have already talked about film greenhouses, and therefore we recommend choosing a film for a greenhouse design of about the same parameters. In short, it should be medium strength and light transmittance material. Thus, the sun will warm the structure well, the film will live for a long time, and the temperature inside will remain close to stable even at night.

It is advisable to buy a film from that roll, the parameters of which most correspond to the size of the greenhouse. The stretching of the film is very simple - the material is transferred from one side to the other, evenly stretched along arcs, and a load is tied to the edges of the film, even old bricks or pipe pieces, to keep the cover on the frame.

Now we just have to prepare good soil, find out or remember the agricultural technology of plants, the rules for growing seedlings, and get down to business.

DIY greenhouse

Options for greenhouses for seedlings

Greenhouses in the country can be very diverse, and it is far from necessary to build an arc, if there are more interesting options, but for someone more convenient.

Polycarbonate structure

The most practical greenhouse that you can buy and just plant the necessary crops inside. With him, the least trouble and only positive emotions. But apart from one thing - you will have to pay for practicality, and a lot.

Arc greenhouse from a film

This is almost the same design that we decided to build today, but it comes in a ready-made kit. You just have to bring the kit to the cottage, place it on the site and collect it. Convenient and fast, but again for the money.

Greenhouse thermos

We studied the greenhouse thermos along and across, and the conclusions are unambiguous - an excellent model, functional and practical. Now you can build a similar greenhouse by contacting our scheme or by creating your own. It will be possible to cover the structure with old windows.

Simple greenhouse from the windows

The greenhouse from the windows is also a passed stage, but now you can, based on previously acquired knowledge, create something similar for growing seedlings. Only one difference, the design will be many times smaller.

Wooden greenhouse with glass

The image below shows how to knock down a box and install it on bricks. It’s a good idea, all the more so if you cover it later with glass and pour quality seedlings inside.

Cheap option for giving

There is nothing easier and cheaper than collecting a place for growing seedlings from improvised materials. Today it is old refrigerators and old windows. As you can see, it doesn’t look very good, but it functions perfectly.

Do-it-yourself greenhouse for seedlings

A greenhouse for growing seedlings in the country can always be built with your own hands. Do not be lazy and set an excellent start to the crops from which you expect to get a good harvest.

Greenhouse for seedlings at the cottage (20 photos)