Simple recipes for currant liqueur

Simple recipes for currant liqueur

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Black currant is the leader in vitamin C content among fruit and berry crops. In addition, the fruits contain organic acids, glycosides, vitamins and minerals. Currants have various effects on the human body: they are diaphoretic, diuretic, restorative properties. Homemade currant liqueur with vodka is not only a recipe for a drink for home meals, but also a well-known drug that can cope with various diseases.

The benefits and harms of blackcurrant liqueur

The benefits and dangers of homemade blackcurrant liqueur can be talked about in terms of the beneficial qualities of the berry, enhanced by the influence of ethyl alcohol.

Black currant is rich in ascorbic acid, enriched with essential oils, phytoncides, B vitamins, micro- and macroelements, sugars, glycosides. When preparing a drink from black currant, take into account the concomitant effect of alcohol on the body. The basic effect remains the effect of the berry. With the help of homemade tincture, the manifestation of symptoms of a number of conditions of the body is reduced:

  • Avitaminosis. The presence of ascorbic acid and a complex of B vitamins helps to reduce the deficiency of nutrients. Saturates the body, prevents the development of deficiency states;
  • Atherosclerosis. Homemade blackcurrant liqueur is credited with properties that promote the expansion of blood vessels in the brain, normalize blood flow throughout the body, and prevent the development of blood stagnation. This improves the general condition of blood vessels, makes them more elastic, prevents the development of fragility;
  • Anemia. A home remedy helps to cope with the symptoms of this disease, thanks to the effect on the hematopoietic system, as well as the intake of an extensive vitamin complex into the body;
  • Hemorrhoids. This disease is characterized by impaired blood flow, blood stasis and blood clots. Expansion of blood vessels and normalization of blood flow to different parts of the body helps to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, prevents the formation of hemorrhoids;
  • Fever and chills. Pouring is often recommended after prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures or the onset of cold symptoms. The bactericidal properties of currant berries, as well as the effect of ethyl alcohol vapors, affect body temperature. They also have a diaphoretic effect, which allows the skin to evaporate moisture faster and lower body temperature naturally.

The dangers of a home recipe for blackcurrant liqueur for the human body can be talked about in terms of the harmful effects of alcohol. Drinks based on strong alcohol are contraindicated for people with intolerance to ethyl alcohol, as well as for those who have suffered complex diseases associated with heart rhythm disturbances or changes in blood counts.

In addition, alcoholic beverages are contraindicated for pregnant women and children. Pouring made from blackcurrant according to the classic recipe with the addition of sugar and vodka can be dangerous for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus of any type. The sugar content in homemade liqueur can provoke changes in blood hemoglobin levels.

How to make homemade currant liqueur

Homemade formulas are prepared using alcohol, water, and sweeteners. For them, fruits are used without damage and punctures. The berries are subjected to additional processing, but their integrity is important for the further taste of the compositions, their structure and shades. Homemade blackcurrant drinks with vodka are prepared using another strong alcoholic base:

  • moonshine;
  • cognac;
  • alcohol;
  • gin, whiskey.

Homemade recipes for making currant liqueurs with vodka imply long periods of infusion. Infusion is considered one of the main technologies for the production of alcoholic beverages. This method is called maceration, during which the liquid base added to the berries absorbs the active substances, entering into certain chemical reactions with the base. The future shade and taste of the drink depends on the maceration process. Homemade liqueurs on vodka are called compositions, the strength of which is measured by 18 and 20 degrees.

Important! Some lovers of homemade drinks compare vodka liqueurs with fruit wines, they are consumed after meals as digestives.

Currant liqueur recipes at home

When preparing blackcurrant liqueur at home, different sweeteners and additional ingredients are used. In addition, the berry can be freshly picked, frozen, or slightly fermented.

A simple recipe for blackcurrant liqueur with vodka

To prepare a homemade classic recipe for blackcurrant liqueur with vodka, take a glass container with a tightly screwed lid or cork that can be tightly fitted to the neck of the bottle.


  • 400 g black currant;
  • 500 ml of vodka.

The fruits are sorted out, separated from twigs, debris, petioles. Then washed with warm water and poured into glass containers. Pour alcohol on top, close the lid tightly and remove for infusion for 14 days. After insisting, the glass container is opened, the drink is filtered, removing cake and small bones. The filtered liquid is a classic blackcurrant liqueur with vodka without the addition of additional ingredients.

Recipe for homemade blackcurrant liqueurs with alcohol

This homemade recipe uses a sweetener. For insisting take:

  • 400 g black currant;
  • 200 ml of water;
  • 300 g sugar;
  • 500 ml of 40% alcohol.

Sugar and water are boiled, berries are added to the resulting liquid. Boil for about 5 minutes. After the berries are ground through a sieve. The resulting liquid is mixed with alcohol. The infusion is poured into glass bottles, tightly closed and removed for storage for 21 days. Periodically, the bottles with homemade liqueur are shaken to activate the maceration process.

Recipe for blackcurrant liqueur on moonshine

To prepare homemade blackcurrant liqueur, not on vodka or alcohol, but on moonshine, use the proportions of the classic recipe. It should be taken into account that moonshine is stronger than vodka or alcohol, so it must be diluted with filtered water in a 1: 1 ratio.

Quick pouring black currant

A quick sweet homemade blackcurrant liqueur with vodka is prepared in one day.

To do this, grind 1 kg of berries, then press the cake to squeeze out the juice. In a separate saucepan, 1 kg of sugar is diluted with 300 ml of water, boiled until the crystals are dissolved. Squeezed currant juice is added to the resulting hot mixture. After the liquid has cooled, 700 ml of vodka is added to it and boiled until small bubbles appear. The resulting mixture of black currant and vodka cools down for several hours, then it is poured into glass containers, removed for storage in the refrigerator.

Fermented currant pouring

To prepare this recipe, prepare:

  • sugar 200 g;
  • vodka 500 ml;
  • berries 400g;
  • water.

At the bottom of glass jars, lay out washed, prepared currants, sugar. Layers are repeated until the ingredients run out. The resulting flaky mixture is covered with a lid and removed to a dark place. After 3 days, when the sugar dissolves, add vodka to the glass container, close the lid again and remove for infusion. After 2 months, the contents are filtered using several layers of gauze, water is added and poured into prepared containers for further storage.

Blackcurrant honey liqueur with alcohol

The recipe has an unusual taste with honey notes. For sweetening, liquid honey of a flower variety is used.

  • 500 g of berries;
  • 1 tbsp. l. honey;
  • 1 liter of vodka.

The berries are washed, sorted out, poured into a 3-liter jar, a full tablespoon of honey is poured on top. The mixture is poured with vodka so that it covers all the berries. Insist 2 weeks, after which the composition is filtered, cooled. Currant-honey homemade tincture has an unusual taste and a delicate pink-red hue.

Spicy currant liqueur with vodka

Homemade alcoholic beverages are often prepared using a variety of spices. This improves the taste, enriches the structure and flavor.

Homemade recipes with the addition of spices are especially popular with women because of their unique aroma and unusual taste. The composition includes:

  • 800 g of berries;
  • 500 g sugar;
  • 400 ml of water;
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder

Syrup is boiled from sugar and water until the crystals are completely dissolved. Then add the fruits, boil for about 5 minutes without boiling. After that, the berries are crushed with a crush or spoon. The berry syrup obtained after straining is poured into a sterilized glass container, alcohol and cinnamon are added. The container is closed with a lid, then gently shaken until the cinnamon powder is completely dissolved. Leave to infuse for 20 days. The best option is to shake the container daily, but if it is not possible, shake the liqueur several times over the entire period. The finished filling is filtered, poured for storage.

Homemade currant liqueur on cognac

One of the ways to make homemade liqueur is infusion with brandy. For this purpose, take any cognac you like, ripe currant berries.

In a jar of 300 g of berries, pour half a liter of brandy, pour 100 g of sugar, close with a lid. Shake the container with the ingredients vigorously, remove for infusion. After 2 weeks, the drink is strained and poured for further storage. Homemade cognac tincture can be stored for more than a year; over time, its taste becomes richer and more varied.


Traditional medicine claims that home-made drinks with vodka have almost no contraindications. This statement applies to people who know everything about their health. Home-made compositions on ethyl alcohol are completely contraindicated for people with some diagnoses:

  • Gastritis, stomach ulcer, other inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. The use of alcoholic beverages is especially prohibited during periods of exacerbations or periods of rehabilitation after surgery;
  • Diseases of the blood. Alcohol and currant berries, which have an active effect on the body, are contraindicated for people with blood counts that differ from normal;
  • Hypertension. With pressure surges, alcohol-based home-made compositions are completely excluded. The inability to control the processes associated with blood pressure can lead to serious consequences;
  • Diabetes. The sweetener and alcohol affect the increase in hemoglobin parameters, provoke complex diabetic conditions.

The use of homemade alcoholic beverages on black currants and vodka is excluded for those who have disorders of the central nervous system associated with mental disorders. Pouring is contraindicated for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children of any age.

Terms and conditions of storage

Homemade blackcurrant tincture with vodka is stored for 2 - 3 years. Basements where the air temperature is low is considered a suitable place for storing the stale liquid. To prevent the processes of chemical reactions inside the liquid, prepared homemade drinks are stored in glass containers, tightly fitting stoppers or screw caps are used. The seal prevents air from entering, prevents the drink from being exposed to oxygen entering it. The following exceptions are taken into account during storage:

  • home compounds are not stored near heating appliances;
  • homemade blackcurrant liqueurs with vodka are not stored at subzero temperatures, which allow the liquid to freeze and further defrost;
  • during storage, avoid direct sunlight, which can activate chemical reactions inside the liquid.


Homemade currant liqueur with vodka is not only a tasty drink, but also a medicine. When used in order to eliminate the symptoms of various diseases, precautions must be taken. In addition, the composition is an excellent addition to festive feasts, it has an unusual taste, beautiful shade and aroma. The advantage of making homemade blackcurrant liqueur with vodka is independent control over the strength and sweetness of the drink.

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