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Is it possible to mulch tomatoes in the open field with 3-year-old pork manure

Hello! Tell me, please, is it possible to mulch tomatoes in the open ground with three summer pork manure (rotten)? Is it bad for a tomato? Thank you so much for the answers.


But will these tomatoes not ripen from such a mulch? The tops will be oily, and the fruits will be small.

Gobble up.

It is possible, but in pig manure a global lack of potassium. It is necessary to add potash fertilizer or regular ash. Otherwise, the crop will be poor. Do not fry the matter)))) there will simply be an imbalance of potassium-nitrogen.

Better not. Yes, and the mulch is not particularly needed.

Mulch manure? What are you ...

I mulch the mowed grass. This is not the first year. they really like

Manure is not mulched. They are fertilized only at the beginning of summer. And then trample everything in growth, but there will be no fruits. And they mulch with grass, straw, sawdust. Mulch retains moisture and overfertilizes the soil.

Moreover, they do not “mulch”!

The tops will be fattening, and there will be few fruits. Not worth it. Better in the fall for digging make. Next year there will be returns. Here cucumbers, as they grow up, you can. Good luck

Thank you very much for your advice. It’s just not where to put it, it would be better if I throw it into a ravine

throw something under the tree, there will be more benefit