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Where better to plant high raspberries

Help come up with a place to plant raspberries. Variety “Kuzmin News”, they write that it is 3 meters high. I have a raspberry tree along the far fence from a professional sheet., That is, there is often a shadow there. Thought to plant this in front of the house, but it will be huge. Are there such high props?


Not the fact that there will be 3 m. Put to care. If necessary. Pull to enthusiasm. If you meet expectations, transplant.

Very good raspberry variety.

The iron fence may be in the summer hell, do not plant near, at least a meter back.

Well, it still needs to be cut off. It’s not a ladder to set to harvest.

My neighbor has raspberries taller than people. He does not cut it. Tilts.

Thanks to everyone. So I'm going to sit next to other raspberries.

When raspberries are cut in the spring, lateral shoots appear on the stem on which there will be a crop. You increase raspberry productivity. If you still begin pruning in the fall and spring, then you will have a fluffy bush in autumn and an excellent harvest. Read online care for raspberries.

Thanks. I'll know.

100% I agree with you, I always do it myself, and my grandmother’s neighbors don’t cut them and wonder why they have raspberries small and small.


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