Orthilia one-sided (boron uterus): description, use in home treatment

Orthilia one-sided (boron uterus): description, use in home treatment

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Orthilia is one-sided (ramishia, female grass, pine forest uterus) - a plant that since ancient times has gained wide popularity among healers. Women suffering from infertility used orthilia to get pregnant. In addition, the medicinal herb is used in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, urinary system and female ailments.

Botanical description of one-sided ortilia (pine forest uterus)

The herbaceous perennial has thin stems strewn with ovoid leaves. Small white flowers with a greenish tint are collected in one-sided hanging inflorescences resembling a lily of the valley. It is because of this form of brushes that the plant is called one-sided.

Bokotsvetka grows in mixed and coniferous forests of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the mountain Caucasus, as well as in European and Asian countries. The plant is found in marshy areas, meadow meadows and low elevations. Especially large thickets are found in Siberian and Far Eastern forests.

The active substances of the uterine uterus

Thanks to a valuable storehouse of useful elements in the composition of Ortilia, it is successful in herbal medicine. The basis of chemical compounds are estrogens and progesterones, which are plant hormones that have a huge impact on women's health. Lack of hormones leads to violations of ovulation, the menstrual cycle, early menopause and the occurrence of erosion.

Pine uterus contains the following elements:

  • vitamin C;
  • flavonoids in the form of glycosides and flavonol aglycones (kempferol and quercetin)
  • iridoids;
  • coumarins and saponins;
  • amino acids and organic acids;
  • trace elements;
  • resins;
  • many bitter and tannic compounds;
  • phenols and their derivatives;
  • quinones.

The use of the uterus

Useful and healing properties of the uterus

In the preparation of medicinal products, only the aerial part of the plant is used. The unique composition of the herb has the following effects on the body:

  • prevents the appearance of neoplasms;
  • helps to get rid of numerous gynecological problems (improving the reproductive system, the functionality of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, douching is used for thrush, endometriosis, polycystic and ovarian cysts, myomas, mastopathy);
  • solves problems with conception;
  • regulates hormonal balance;
  • restores men's health;
  • helps with kidney inflammation, cystitis, urolithiasis, respiratory diseases, gastritis and stomach ulcers.

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect is due to the content of hydroquinine, which is released in the body by the action of enzymes and acids.

Harvesting and storage of one-sided ortilia

The collection of grass occurs during its flowering. Depending on the region of growth, the harvesting time changes.

The cut grass is laid out in a thin layer outdoors in a place protected from the sun (under a canopy or shaded area). Drying is allowed indoors, but subject to constant air circulation.

Professional herbalists recommend proceeding with the preparation of orthilium in the full moon phase. In this case, drying should continue until the end of the phase. As a result, a maximum of citric acid and coumarins is formed in the feed. Well-packed dried grass is stored for 2 years.

Pharmaceutical release forms of medicinal herbs hog uterus

Pharmaceutical companies produce drugs based on a natural medicinal product containing active substances.

  • dry herbal raw materials in the package;
  • ointment;
  • herbal tea;
  • syrup;
  • tincture, syrup and extract in vials;
  • in capsules, dragees and tablets;
  • in drops;
  • tampons and candles.

To maintain vital activity, the body needs to get glucose and flavonoids. Therefore, the boron uterus is used in the form of dietary supplements.

Pharmaceutical raw materials have different sizes of grinding, therefore, for accurate observance of the proportions, the drug is recommended to be prepared according to the manufacturer's prescription.

Useful properties of the uterus

The use of the uterus in folk medicine

Despite the fact that the medicinal herb is officially recognized as a medicine relatively recently, traditional medicine has been using it for hundreds of years. Most often, traditional healers recommend taking a boletus in the form of an infusion on water or an alcohol-containing liquidthat are easy to cook on their own.

Recipes of decoctions and infusions with a pine uterus

To prepare the infusion, it is necessary to use a thermos, in which add 1 tablespoon of raw materials and add 250 ml of hot boiled water. To use the solution for douching, you need 2 tablespoons of grass to steam 300 ml of boiling water and cool.

To prepare the broth, you should take a container with one liter of water, add 3 tablespoons of raw materials and heat in a water bath. After a third of an hour, remove, cool and strain. Before use, add water to obtain the original volume.

Pine uterus is part of herbal recipes for many ailments, mainly female. For example:

  • uterine fibroids are treated with a collection consisting of the same amount of wormwood, fireweed, red brush root, ortilia, meadowsweet, mint, yarrow, nettle, knotweed, any part of the cinquefoil, birch leaves, raspberries, rosehip berries. Brew 2 tablespoons of the herbal composition in a thermos with water (500 ml). After 12 hours, filter;
  • mix the same amount with a shepherd’s bag, one-sided ortilia, root of a leuzea, rhodiola and rally, nettle, rowan berries. Take 2 times more of the pear and herb Veronica. Then stir 2 tablespoons with a liter of water and boil for 10 minutes. Then pour the composition into a thermos and strain after 12 hours.

The decoction is also used for cosmetic purposes. Due to its antiseptic effect, daily rubbing of the skin of the face will remove pigmentation and rashes. As a result, the skin will look healthy and well-groomed.

Tincture with a pine uterus on vodka

To prepare the product on vodka, it is required to pour dry raw materials into a glass container and pour vodka in a ratio of 1:10 or 1: 5. Cork and place in a place protected from the sun for 3 weeks. Then strain and place for storage in a dark place at room temperature.

Uterine Oil

For the preparation of oil, dry grass of boletus and any vegetable oil is used. Raw materials must be insisted on oil or mix juice from fresh herbs with oil. Both methods require the product to stand for a month in a dark place. Only in this way will all valuable substances pass into the oil. To obtain oil with a high concentration, a new portion of the raw material must be added to the finished oil.

Treatment of mastopathy with a uterine uterus

Thanks to hydroquinone, which is part of the stems, there is a decrease in edema and soreness in the mammary glands affected by mastopathy. Flavonoids and vitamin C enhances the action of the boron uterus, thereby strengthening blood vessels and promoting the elimination of toxins. Phytohormones, like natural progesterone, a deficiency of which is observed in patients with mastopathy, produce a positive effect in the body, while inhibiting estrogens. Phytoprogesterone has a softening effect on prolactin, helping to reduce the proliferation of glandular tissue.

Contraindications and harm to one-sided ortilia

In addition to the therapeutic effect on the body, the plant can have an adverse effect on health. In practice, there are many cases of uterine bleeding. Long-term use of drugs containing medicinal herbs is toxic. Besides, The following negative consequences are possible:

  • increase in basal temperature;
  • failure in the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • the occurrence of allergic reactions;
  • increase in the duration of the menstrual cycle.

Cases prohibiting the use of one-sided ortilia include pregnancy, the period of breast-feeding, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, age under 14 years, insufficient blood coagulation, exacerbation of gastritis.

Many patients complain that the first time after the use of the boron uterus begins, headaches, general weakness, nausea and heaviness in the stomach appear. But over time, unpleasant symptoms pass without intervention.

Pine uterus when planning pregnancy

Since the medicinal plant is a potent drug, it is recommended to visit the attending physician for advice before using it, and then follow its instructions.

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