Making an electric grass chopper with your own hands

Making an electric grass chopper with your own hands

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Grass shredder is an indispensable unit for every household, which will allow you to easily produce animal feed with your own hands, and processed grass and hay can be used as fertilizer and mulch. Making such grass shredders with your own hands is not difficult, therefore, every summer gardener will cope with this work.

The benefits of homemade choppers

Industrial-made grass cutters are universal devices that can be used to grind grass, branches, vegetables, root crops, grind various grains into flour, and even chop wood. The only drawback of such units is their rather high cost, which is not affordable for most gardeners-summer residents. But having made a garden (electric) shredder with your own hands from the simplest components, you can automate the receipt of a silo and at the same time significantly save on the purchase of expensive factory units.

Today, there are many different types and designs of such chopper devices, which will allow you to choose the functionality of a particular model for work performed in the garden. For example, you can make garden grass chopper do-it-yourself electric, which will both process grass and grind grain. If you wish, you can perform a fairly simple model of technology that can only cut grass and work with root crops.

Such home-made vegetable slicers are made from improvised elements, so the cost of such equipment will be minimal, and you are guaranteed to not have difficulties with the search for spare parts. At the same time, even the simplest installations in terms of functionality, reliability and ease of use will not be inferior to expensive factory shredders of freshly cut grass and feed.

What is silo used for?

Many gardeners, living outside the city, grow not only vegetables and fruits in the country, but also contain chickens, pheasants, quails, rabbits and various domestic animals. Shredded grass silage can become an excellent pet food, you only need to take care of the availability of an appropriate shredder in the farm, which can easily grind grass and hay.

Experienced gardeners use such ground grass as mulch and first-class organic fertilizer. It will only be necessary to ensure the finest possible chopping of the grass, as a result of which the layer of mulch will be dense, which is necessary to retain moisture and heat in the ground.

With this versatile equipment you can easily grind cereals, vegetables and fruits, which allows you to make high-quality feed for livestock, eliminating the need to purchase expensive animal feed.

Production of simple choppers

There are many drawings for the manufacture of such a technique using improvised assemblies. You can find the original do-it-yourself grass cutter in the magazine "Modeller-Designer" made from a drill or an old washing machine. Such work is not particularly difficult, so even if you do not have the relevant experience, it is not difficult to make a feed chopper yourself with your own hands.

Using an old drill

The simplest hay cutter can be made from an old unnecessary drill. Despite its simplicity, this technique will be versatile and reliable, making it easy to process even large volumes of grass and straw.

For the manufacture of hay and straw chopper with your own hands you will need:

  • Working drill.
  • Empty metal bucket.
  • Set of knives or nozzle cutter.

It will be sufficient to use a drill with two modes of operation, which develop a power of about 850 watts. It is only necessary to sharpen the knife correctly, which should be as sharp as possible, which will allow the cutting tool to quickly cut through the grass, chopping it into a fine porridge even at a low rotation speed. The body of the device is made of a metal bucket, in the bottom of which a hole should be made and a drill with a sharp knife mounted in it should be inserted.

A feature of the grass shredders is a one-sided sharpening of the knife, which is oriented with its sharp sharpened plane down. Only such a cutting tool will grind grass, which can subsequently be used to feed livestock or as an excellent fertilizer. Making a home-made unit does not present any difficulty, your costs will be minimal, and you can cope with such work in just 15-20 minutes.

Vacuum cleaner chopper

The principle of operation of such a sechkarni is similar to the previous device. Here the appropriate metal or plastic container is used, inside of which there is a sharp knife. It is driven by an electric motor drive and quickly grinds the grass that is collected in the lower compartment, which makes it easy unload ready silosimplifying the processing of raw materials.

If in our previous version of the grass cutter from the drill the grass was already in the tank into which the cutting tool was placed, then in this case the raw material is fed through the top, and the finished shredded grass leaves through the lower holes. The presence of a protective casing allows you to protect the crushed silo from scattering during the operation of the unit.

Such a feed chopper is made on the basis of an old Typhoon vacuum cleaner. However, you can use cases from old Soviet vacuum cleaners, which will have suitable upper holes. Any cylindrical container, a pipe segment, a bucket, a pan, etc., is perfect. The knotter drive can be made from the motor from an old washing machine with a capacity of about 180 watts.

Knives are made of old steel cloth. Racks are made of a metal profile measuring 15 by 15 millimeters. Vegetable crusher knives are mounted on a sleeve 40 mm high. The sleeve will have to be machined on a lathe or choose the right one in size.

An engine with a pulley disassembled must be secured to the studs at the bottom of the container. A 32 mm plumbing nut can be used to secure the cutting tool. On the motor shaft with its back side it is necessary to grind the platform, which will allow to securely fix the sleeve with locking bolts.

The knives themselves can be made from a hacksaw blade, from which four blanks are cut out with a grinder. In the center of each workpiece, a square hole with a diameter of about 26 millimeters should be drilled. The cutting edges of the workpieces must be sharpened, for which you can use a sharpener. After this, it remains only to fix the sleeve, on which the knives are attached using bolts.

Shredder from an unnecessary motor

This grass shredder can be made from improvised parts using any working electric motor. To make such an elementary grass cutter you will need:

  • An electric motor that produces 3000 rpm.
  • Old aluminum pan.
  • Plug and power cord.
  • Power management button.
  • Wood hacksaw.

The container is made of an aluminum pan, at the bottom of which a small hole should be made for fixing the sleeve. Knives are made with three to four pieces of hacksaw wood. Do not forget to pre-sharpen their cutting edges, which will ensure high-quality grinding of grass and hay. An electric motor that runs on a household power supply is installed under a pan. Start button positioned at the rear of the platform. The completed sleeve is mounted at one end on the electric motor drive, then threaded into the hole in the pan, after which the knives are mounted on the axis and fixed with locking bolts.

The crushed silo, made on a home-made device, will go to feed poultry and livestock or can be used to mulch plantings.

How to make a straw chopper do it yourself

If you need to make such a unit that would cope not only with chopping the grass, but also with shredding cabbage and corn, processing straw, then you need to use more powerful engines designed to process durable and solid raw materials. The easiest way to cut such a straw chopper is from an old washing machine.

The manufacturing process of such a hay shredder will be as follows:

  1. You will need an old washing machine that has a working electric motor. In addition, it will be necessary to use another electric motor, which is mounted at the very top above the lid of the washing machine. Fix the additional engine will help metal corners and screws.
  2. Of steel billet a double-edged knife should be made, which is placed inside the drum of the washing machine, without touching the edge of its walls. This knife is attached to the shaft of the upper motor.
  3. The second knife is mounted on a regular electric motor of the washing machine. Both knives are twisted in different directions, which ensures excellent grinding quality of straw and grain.
  4. A small hole is made in the upper part of the washing machine through which straw and grain will be loaded into the drum.
  5. A similar hole is made in the lower part of the drum through which the processed raw materials will exit.
  6. Both motors are powered via separate wires and connected to the control unit with individual start buttons.

This straw chopper will work on the principle of the simplest coffee grinder. The quality of grinding grass, straw and grain in such equipment will be similar to factory models, while the cost of its manufacture will be minimal. If you wish, on the Internet you can easily find various schemes for the execution of straw choppers and feed choppers, which are easy to manufacture and at the same time are reliable, durable and productive equipment.

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